Chapter One - About Us

Share with us your Story and let us tell it through Virtual Reality

Stories, screenplays, research, or activism no matter what you are working on we are all ears and ready to brainstorm!  
Once approved we’ll work with you to hammer out a VRfied proposal and begin location scouting!

Dedicated cinematic team along with strong partnerships in Taiwan and China, from 8k stereo 360 cameras to custom rigs for your custom project, we’re here to ensure you get the best results for your cause.

Our technical team and partners will create a quick pre-viz of your project.

Our creative team will then work with you every step of the way in post production to ensure the best results.

We will package your story into an application playable on any Major VR platforms. Depending on the nature of your content we can explore both online and offline distribution options.

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Chapter Two- Current Projects

We are form agnostic, but mission oriented
Meaning we tell stories with a good cause


"Through your eyes" - An empathy ad campaign

Virtual Reality has the ability to transport us into the shoes of another. Along with Michael Morgenstern's Everything Is Film, we want to push the limit of this through a social ad campaign similar to the Dove’s Real Beauty campaign.

Six Americans from all over the country, all walks of life will record their full day in stereoscopic 180º using custom concealable cameras. Characters will be asked to curate their days: go to work for an hour, have difficult conversations, and narrate the entire experience. At the studio they will pair up and swap lives before meeting each other afterwards. We film their reactions in a traditional campaign video highlighting the moments of connections across differences and healing the divide.



LumiereVR is super excited to be working with Empact Labs to memorialize Oregon Eclipse with Virtual Reality. This once in a lifetime solar eclipse will be captured with 8 different VR experiences and displayed in a wheel of fortune manner. 

For our experience we’re creating a a heartwarming narrative about father, son and a life eclipsed by illness. Presence combines 360 filmmaking with state of the art drone technology (Ft. Az Balabanian) bringing you up-close and above the Oregon Eclipse Festival along with a celebration of life. The story begins with you soaring above the clouds as the festival comes into view.



With the pioneers at Alucia Research we are bringing high fidelity 360 cameras to the bottom of the ocean. Alucia’s mission is to create world-class media that educates and inspires people to connect to the ocean.  This expedition we are honored with the opportunity to explore the abyss off the coast of Brazil.

2000 ft beneath the ocean surface lies a volcano that gave rise to an alien ecosystem. Bursting with life we explore from hydrothermal vents to deep sea crabs and fish.


On Bliss

With creators James Nestor and Jonathan Remple, this series follows four real-life men and women who overcome tremendous physical and emotional hardships through radical therapies, and in the process transcend suffering to find bliss.

Using the first-ever VR biofeedback and brain-training technologies, each journey of self-discovery becomes our own — we experience and participate within these transformations, altering our minds and bodies into new states of awareness and healing.

Chapter Three- Theaters

“Cinema is the ultimate pervert art. It doesn't give you what you desire - it tells you how to desire.”
― Slavoj Žižek

In partnership with creatives James Nestor & Sandy Smolan as well as conservation strategy consultant Andrew Bleiman we are building Empathy Theaters dedicated to educating humanity and conservation

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Chapter Four-Connect With Us!

If you have a story to share or if you're interested in working/building theaters give us a shout!

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